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Bulk delete draft shipments

Note: With eBay Delivery you can simulate any shipment and get the rate for the shipment you are looking for, without necessarily completing the payment. You can then save it as a draft shipment for future shipments, or if it's a simple price search that you don't want to save, you can delete it.




Want to search for a price without creating a shipment?

Once you've entered all the shipping information, before you go to the payment details page, you can click Exit without saving, thus returning to the main panel of the Manager and eliminating the unwanted shipment.


Do you have more than one draft (unfinished) shipment you would like to delete?

With the eBay Shipping Manager you can select all the shipments you are not interested in completing and click on the basket icon to delete them in one click. You can delete unfinished group shipments by accessing the Draft view.


Want to delete one shipment at a time?

Remember that you can also delete the drafts individually, one by one: in all the pages of creation of the shipment prior to payment, at the bottom right, you will find the Delete Shipment button.




Please bear in mind that if you delete shipments imported from eBay (one at the time, or by bulk deleting them) you will not be able retrieve them again. Once you delete a draft shipment you cannot import it again.

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