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How to prove the value of the items lost/damaged without the invoice

In order to be able to open an claim both for damage and loss, it is always necessary to present documentation that certifies the value of the items shipped, such as the purchase invoice or receipt with a date less than 60 days from the date of dispatch.

If you do not have the invoice or receipt of the goods you have shipped, you will need to present a self declaration (which you will fill out directly online in the Complaint Form) together with another document that can prove that the value declared is accurate, for example, a receipt of PayPal payment, a copy of the purchaser's bank transfer or a price list of the goods sent and / or the material used to produce it in the case of crafts, etc.

> Case 1: Sale between private individuals 

If you are not a a business that issues invoices, and you have sold an item through an eBay account as a private individual, there should still be an advert where you have advertised the merchandise and that can confirm the selling price.

In this case the proof of value will be a screenshot of the ad accompanied by a PayPal payment receipt, copy of the transfer or other receipts of different payment gateways (Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

 > Case 2: Sale of second hand items 

If you sold an used item through your eBay account, there should be an eBay listing that can confirm the sale of the item and its selling price.

In this case the proof of value will be the PayPal payment receipt, PostePay top-up, copy of the bank transfer or other receipts of different payment gateways.

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