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Send Wine and Oil Bottles with eBay Delivery

Using the eBay shipping platform you can send and receive bottles within UK.

All bottles, both glass and plastic, must be transported in compliant packaging, approved by the carriers as they require particularly resistant packaging that allows them to be immobilized inside the box in which they will be inserted.

If the bottle should break or lose liquid inside the packaging it could also damage other shipments that are transported by the carrier. Not suitable packaging with bubble wrap and/or newspaper sheets are considerate inappropriate packaging by the insurance in case of damage and any claim will not be accepted.

In certain sophs, you will find packaging specifically created for sending bottles such as:

  • Boxes with separators and anchor points
  • Inner tube packaging in polyethylene
  • Polystyrene tubes

We remind you that foods in general, including solids and liquids, wine and oil, are included in the Prohibited Items list. In the event that you decide to send this type of goods, we inform you that the insurance cannot intervene in case of damage or loss of the same if the goods are not transported in approved packaging (Airecopack, Ewsp, Nackpack, Rajapack, etc.).



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