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We inform you that with the shipping platform, does not allow to send medicines and / or pharmaceutical products, even if accompanied by a medical prescription.

Why is it not permitted to ship drugs with standard sending services?

Our partners do not carry out drug shipments via standard shipping services, as to send them you need to obtain permits issued by the health authorities prepared and use approved '' Pharma 'type temperature-controlled services.

If you decide to send medicines through our services you may encounter the following problems:

  • The courier does not accept to collect the goods
  • The shipment is blocked in any state of transit and returned to the sender, without being able to be refunded
  • The goods are altered and cannot be used

Can I send medicines that do not require a prescription?

We advise you never to send this type of goods.

You will probably not encounter any problems if your shipment takes place in UK and therefore in the domestic environment. It is preferable not to send this type of goods abroad to EU countries. Packages may be subject to occasional inspections even if they are directed to European Union countries and blocked.

To which countries is it strictly prohibited to send medicines via Packlink?

The shipping of medicines  is prohibited through our services:

  • All non-EU countries that provide for customs clearance as it is necessary to have import permits and clearance for customs clearance.
  • To the USA and Canada, in the context of '' Bioterrorism AcT '', as it is required to provide additional information to US customs - '' U.S. Customs and Border Protection '' and documentation that states that these are not psychotic products.
  • To Norway and the United Kingdom, due to inspection questions on all imports.


We also remind you that all Prohibited Items do not have insurance coverage.

The shipping platform will not accept any type of complaint relating to a dispatch of prohibited goods, having declared at the time of confirmation of the order that they have read and stressed the Terms and Conditions of the Packlink service.




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