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Send Fragile Goods with eBay Delivery

With the shipping platform there are no special services -SHS Special Handling Health & Safety or SNS Merce no stackable - dedicated to the shipment of fragile objects. It is however possible to send fragile goods if particular attention is paid to the packaging.

Goods traveling with standard delivery services are handled through automated machines and belts in the hub routes and must be prepared to withstand a free fall height of at least 1.50 m. The shipment of a fragile good (which needs a specific handling treatment) requires special services that normally have an higher costs, since it is specialized handling.


Writing warnings on the parcel such as Special Handling such as - FRAGILE - ALTO - DO NOT OVERLOAD WEIGHTS - NOT TOUGH AND / OR SIMILAR - do not imply acceptance of responsibility in the event of failure by the transport company to provide services. standard type. Furthermore, goods considered fragile, as well as those declared as such, travel in these terms at the risk of the sender; their acceptance by the transport company does not imply acceptance of responsibility in case of damage and / or loss.

If you send fragile items we recommend that the receiver always sign with '' Damaged '' or '' With Damage Reserve '' upon delivery of the goods, even if the packaging appears intact. The contents of the shipment may have been damaged. 

Remember that the value of the goods you indicate when confirming the order does not affect the maximum amount that can be compensated by the insurance coverage. The declared value is not an insurance.


Here are some examples of fragile, non-insurable materials included in our list of Forbidden Articles: glass, plexiglass, mirrors, crystals, ceramics, porcelain, china, resin, plaster, cement, marble, granite, terracotta (including items also partially containing these materials).




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