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No compensation items

There are products that can be sent with the shipping platform but  are not covered by the insurance.

The following items are excluded from compensation in the event of loss or damage:

  • Food in general, solid and liquid (including wine and oil), perishable (dairy products, cheeses, fresh pasta, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, etc.), and non-perishable and / or vacuum-packed, regardless of the type of packaging provided
  • Collections and model making
  • Documents of economic value, regardless of their origin or use (tickets for shows, meal vouchers, lottery tickets, etc.)
  • Stamps (unless they are franked, regardless of whether they may or may not be considered antique or collectible)
  • Fragile items
    Furniture, appliances, or other bulky goods, not professionally packaged and not palletized
  • Engines, generators, mechanical parts that contain or have contained oil or petrol
  • Works of art, antiques, paintings, screen prints
  • Embroidered linen lace, fabric with precious metals, authentic silk lace
  • Unpacked suitcases
  • Glass, plexiglass, mirrors, crystals, ceramics, porcelain, china, resin, plaster, cement, marble, granite, terracotta (including items also partially containing these materials)
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