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Can I group multiple boxes in one shipment

eBay Delivery's online booking system does not provide the possibility of sending, with the Regular Shipper method,  simultaneously to different recipients with a single click or to be able to print all labels instantly. If you need to send multiple packages to different recipients, you will need to confirm an order for each shipment.

If you have imported two sales from the same buyer you can send the items in a single package or in several packages by clicking on ''Add packages'' and entering the measures of each manually or with the feature ''Predefined packages''.


If you send two items, linked to two different transactions, in the same package, the shipment tracking will be automatically updated on only one of the transactions. You will need to update the second with the same tracking number manually.

If the shipment is made up of several packages you will have to print out for each package and apply the respective label to the individual box. If, for example, you have confirmed a shipment consisting of two packages, you will be asked to print two labels, each with a different tracking number, as the shipment is not considered as a single shipment, but as two separate ones.


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