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How to weigh and measure my parcel

To make a shipment with eBay delivery you will be asked to indicate the precise weight in kg and the dimensions in cm of the package you wish to send.

You can use a tape measure or ruler, depending on the size of your shipment, to calculate correctly all the measures and a scale to weigh the package.

We remind you that it is essential to know precisely the weight and measures of your shipment and to know the limitations of each shipping service.

When confirming an order with the Provider, you must always indicate the three dimensions of the shipment:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

You can enter the weight and size of the package manually, or you can use the ''Predefined packages'' function from the ''Settings'' menu that will allow you to define the size of up to 16 packages that you are used to sending to speed up your shipments. 




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