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Can I write the address of the recipient on the package by pen?

You can also write by hand the delivery address of your shipment always and when you have applied on the package the courier's mandatory waybill.

If you wish to add data about the delivery on the package, we remind you to do so without overwriting the data on the shipping label: information currently shown on it and / or the barcodes should not be covered.

To write the information, we recommend using a black permanent marker and writing in capital letters in a way that is easy to read.

You can report the following additional information on the package:

  • Additional phone number of the recipient
  • Name on the bell
  • Specific driving directions
  • We remind you that it is not possible to write by hand on the parcel or to report completely different information on the label from those entered at the time of booking ..

The following changes entered manually are not considered valid:

  • Change of address (if the label indicates that the delivery address is 18 Peckham Road and you write another address by hand, for example 20 Aldgate Road, the carrier will always take the original address into consideration).
  • Change of name or surname of the recipient
  • Change of company name or recipient company
  • Change of delivery city
  • Postal code change for delivery
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