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How to apply the shipping label to the parcel

Shipping labels must always be applied on the outside of the package.

We suggest to insert a second copy of the label inside the box, so that should the external copy come off by accident the carrier may still be able to deliver the goods.

To ensure that you have correctly applied the label, simply follow these steps:

  1. After purchasing the label from ebay delivery download the PDF containing the label.
  2. If you do not have adhesive paper, you can also print the label on a normal sheet of paper and apply it to the package with adhesive tape. We recommend using a transparent plastic bag.
  3. Make sure you use a strong, transparent adhesive tape that does not cover the data on the label and the barcodes on the waybill.
  4. Place the label on the outside of the box, if possible on the widest side. Do not place it on a closing line or on the tape used to close the package.
  5. Make sure that the information on the label is correct and complete (sender and receiver details, weight of the shipment). Remember that carriers systems do not recognize non-standard characters and accents (ß,ö/ä/ü,æ,ň,à, etc) so be sure to use the respective transcriptions (ss, oe/ae/ue,ae,n,a, etc). Always use only Western characters (thus avoiding, for example, Cyrillic, Mandarin, Greek, etc.) so that the information is transmitted correctly.
  6. You can also write some information on the box yourself with a pen, such as the recipient's phone but remember to always stick the label Packlink to your shipment.


For all carriers, we recommend that you print 3 copies of the shipping label to be used as follow:

  1. Apply one copy to the package with adhesive tape, so that it is clearly visible
  2. Have the carrier who collects the shipment sign another copy and keep it as proof of collection until delivery of the shipment
  3. Hand a the third copy to the messenger if so requested by the carrier messenger
  4. If you wish, you can insert an additional copy of the shipping label inside the package so that your package is always identifiable in case of incorrect delivery or routing error by the transport company.


The package must be always handed to the messenger with the respective label glued to the package. If the parcel is handed without a label, the carrier will not be liable in case of loss.

We suggest to always request to the messenger a proof of the collection that can be a document that the messenger itself provides in paper or electronically, or a copy of the label, signed by the carrier. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend that you always print a second copy of the label and have it signed if the courier does not issue any receipt.

Hermes UK International ParcelShop

Unless the messenger provides electronic signature you will need to print two copies of the label: one copy for the package; a second copy as a receipt for you to sign and keep as a receipt.

If there are multiple items to collect from a business address DPD will sign the printed manifest as well as scan all parcels and the collection point contact would sign the PDA. If goods are dropped off at a Pick Up Shop, the customer would be given a receipt.

L'Américain UPS investit à Lyon

For collections, UPS drivers do not take any signatures. Should a proof of collection be required, the sender has to provide a shipping manifest which driver will sign. Please print an additional copy of the label to be used as manifest.


DHL messenger do not bring with them collection manifest so please please print an additional copy of the label to be used as manifest.


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