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Are labels mandatory?

For all the services offered by ebay delivery it is mandatory to print and attach the shipping label to the parcel.

It is important to attach the label to the parcel for the following reasons:

  • It allows you to track the status of your shipment online.
  • It tells the carrier that the shipment has already been paid.
  • It reports key information such as recipient data.
  • You need it as a proof of the collection of the parcel.
  • When the carrier comes to pick up your package, or you will bring it to the drop off Point, you will not have to make any extra payment for this service. If you are asked to pay it is because you have not printed and correctly applied the label on the package.

Remember to have the label signed by the messenger and keep it until delivery, it will be used as a proof that the item has been shipped.

No printer? No problem! With Hermes services you can select the "print-in-store" additional service that will allow you to go to any Parcelshop store and print the shipping label at the shop. For more information check this article: Hermes print in store service

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