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Label error: Unable to print or download the shipping label

Sometimes delays can occur in the transmission of data from ebay delivery to the carrier system.


When you see the message "your label is in process" for more than 3 minutes  we first suggest you to reload the page using the F5 key.

Often it is sufficient to refresh the page so that the shipping documents can be correctly displayed on the platform.

If the label is not yet available after reloading the page, you will need to send a request for assistance to our Customer Support.

Tip! To reduce the cases of ''Carrier Error'' we advise you to never use accents and / or unconventional characters in the address of the sender or destination (à, ª, º, ä, etc). As the ebay delivery platform automatically imports the buyer's shipping details, we encourage you to always check all information and make the necessary changes before confirming the order.


When the order is correctly confirmed, the status is updated to "Ready for collection" and you can download the shipping documents in .pdf format by clicking on "Download label".

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