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Can the messenger refuse to collect my parcel?

The messenger might refuse to collect your parcel if:

  • Your parcel does not have proper packaging: remember to check our Packaging tips.
  • Your parcel is not well identified with the mandatory label: if you have chosen a service for which a label is mandatory and you do not have the label prepared.
  • Missing customs invoice: remember that for shipment outside the EU you should complete the Customs Form. 
  • Your parcel exceeds weight/dimension limits or you have underdeclared the weight and/or dimensions of your parcel during the booking process.
  • Your parcel contains prohibited items.
  • You booked a service with another carrier. Example: You have booked 2 services, one of them with UPS and another with TNT. If TNT collect its parcel, they won't also collect the UPS one.
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