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How to request a POD (Proof of Delivery)

If the shipment tracking indicates that the goods have been delivered, but the recipient claims not to have received the goods, you can request proof of delivery signed by the recipient.

In the case of standard services, which do not require delivery to the recipient upon presentation of an ID verification, the carrier has the obligation to deliver the goods at the address indicated in the shipping label, but they do not have the obligation to deliver them to a specific person.

In case you need an age verification or you require an adult signature as a proof of delivery you might request our "Adult signature" addon available only through UPS services, more information available here: Adult signature with UPS

The goods can be delivered to the building's concierge / secretary's office and / or to a neighbor to avoid the storage costs which include a supplement for the delivery attempt + the opening of the dossier + the number of days of storage + the remittance delivering.

If you wish to add proof of delivery to your shipment you can do so during the printing flow, select “Proof of delivery” under additional services. The cost for requesting the proof of delivery is £80.



Tips: You can request the POD (proof of delivery) directly to our Customer Support team, please remember to provide the number of your order that always starts with GB2019EBAY when contacting our support team.

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