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I booked a pick up but I don't want to wait for the messenger at home, can I bring the parcel to a drop off point?

In case you have booked a pick up service, but you do not wish to wait for the messenger and want to bring your parcel to a drop off point, depending on the carrier service, it may be possible to bring your parcels directly to the chosen carrier drop off point, without having to wait for the messenger at home.

In such cases we kindly ask to let our Customer Care service know, so that we can cancel the home pick up with the carrier, as it is no longer required.

Below is a list of the carrier services that allow you to change a booked home pick up service to a drop off service.


Hermes UK International ParcelShop​  - Drop off Hermes services 

🏤 Drop off your parcel at any Hermes' Parcelshop with these services: 


ups-logo.png​  - Drop off (Access Point) UPS service  

🏤 Drop off your parcel at any UPS access point with these services: 




If you drop off your parcel at a Drop Off Point, remember to have a copy of the label signed as proof of postage.

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