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When the parcel will be delivered?

To calculate the delivery date of your shipment you will need to consider the following parameters

  • Collection date
  • Type of sending National / International
  • Type of service

In case of logistic problems such as accidents, traffic, bad weather, etc, the delivery date may change.

There are also areas where carriers do not deliver on a daily basis, known as remote or disadvantaged areas. In such cases the transit time is always higher.

When you book you shipment eBay delivery provides an estimated transit time, depending on the service:


Hermes UK International ParcelShop​  - HERMES

  • Hermes collection service - delivery within 3 working days.
  • Hermes Parcelshop service - delivery within 3 working days. 

​ ​- DPD

  • DPD pick up service -delivery within 24 hours.
  • DPD drop off -delivery within 24 hours. 

L'Américain UPS investit à Lyon- UPS 

  • UPS standard - delivery within 24 hours.
  • UPS Access Point - delivery within 24 hours.


Refund of the shipping cost is will be always rejected in case:

  • The shipment is collected late
  • The shipment is delivered after the estimated date

We also remind you that the delivery times of shipments for the Islands, and / or other locations cataloged by individual carriers as remote, are always estimated at least in 48 working hours. The transit times displayed online do not always include this increase in the estimated transit time depending on the location that could be considered by couriers as a remote or inconvenient area, where they will not deliver daily.


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