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When will I receive the refund?

When you contact our customer support to request a cancellation of a shipment, we will issue a refund within 48 working hours, provided that the label has not been used. After issuing the refund,  how long will it take to receive the money into your account, will depend on the payment method you have used to pay the cancelled shipment. 

DIRECT - Single Invoice


You will receive the refund within 3 to 7 working days from the date the refund has been issued by us. The exact timing depends on the amount and the credit card issuers (Visa Online, Mastercard Online, etc). 


We will refund the amount paid directly into your Paypal account. In this case there is no waiting time, as the credited amount will be immediately visible in your Paypal account. However if you have opened a dispute on Paypal the refund will be delayed, as it will be necessary to manage the dispute via Paypal first. We suggest to not initiate disputes on Paypal for this reason, as doing so will generate unnecessary delays in the refund process. If you have not used the service, it is in our interest to cancel and refund the amount as soon as possible.

DEFERRED - Bi-Weekly Invoice

deferredopen.png BILLING CYCLE OPEN

The amount of the cancelled shipment will not debited on the summary invoice, therefore there is no refund to be made.

deferredclosed.png BILLING CYCLE CLOSED

If the cancellation request happens after the billing cycle is closed a credit note will be issued. You will receive the refund in two options:

 Deferred Credit Card: Refund on the credit card.

 Deferred Paypal: Refund on your paypal account.

deferredclosed.png Direct Debit: Not available.

You can access your invoices  by visiting the "Buy labels in bulk" section in your account and then Settings > Billing & Invoice > My Invoices 




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