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The cost of cancelling a shipment

If you purchased a postage label and you do not wish to use it, you can contact our customer service and we will cancel a refund the full amount paid, after having checked that the label has not been used.

Cancelling a shipment is free when:

  • You have booked by mistake two or more identical shipments.
  • The carrier has not collected the parcel, in case of a pick-up service.
  • You no longer wish to use the label and you contact customer service to request the cancellation.

Cancelling a shipment will not be free and we will issue a partial refund when:

  • The parcel has been collected and you request the parcel to be returned to the sender. You will be charged for the cost of collection or the national transit between the departure branch and the transit hub.
  • The carrier makes several pick up attempts without being able to collect the goods for closure or absence of the sender. In this case a penalty of 3 £ + VAT will be charged per delivery attempt.

Shipment cannot be refunded when:

  • With the item in transit, the delivery is not possible due to absence of the recipient.
  • With the item in transit, you are sending an item included in the Prohibited and no compensation items
  • You hand over the parcel to the messenger, leave the parcel in a drop off point or you request the cancellation after 15 days from the collection date.
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