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Can I modify a label after payment?

If after paying for a label you realise there is a mistake you wish to change such as address, weight band, carrier, pick up or drop off, add compensation, add POD or print in store, you can cancel the label with the wrong details and purchase a new one, the wrong label will be cancelled and refunded by us.


To cancel and repurchase a new label go to the shipment confirmation page or alternatively compose the following URL with the Packlink reference number as below   + Packlink Reference Number (example: GB2020EBAY0001234567)

From the confirmation page scroll to the bottom right and click on the link cancel and purchase new label link:



A pop up window will open up asking if you want to cancel and purchase a new label, click YES to proceed:

Apply the changes needed, as you can see all the previous shipment data remain the same. Then click pay for the new label:



A new label with a new reference number and with the new details provided will be generated. Download the label with the new data:



  • Will the ebay item maintained? With the cancel and repurchase you can now generate a new postage label for the same ebay item and the previous label with the incorrect data will be cancelled and refunded by Packlink customer service.
  • Does it have a cost to cancel and repurchase? There is no cost for using cancel and repurchase: the previous label is refunded in full if unused. You will pay only the corresponding cost of buying a new label.
  • What shipment status allow repurchase? You can't cancel and reprint a label if the status of your shipment is "In transit" or "Delivered". You can cancel and reprint if the status of your shipment is "Ready for Collection". Finally if the shipment status is cancelled you will be always able to repurchase a new one.



The previous label will be cancelled and refunded by Packlink customer service, you don't have to request it. Customer service is notified automatically at the moment you request to repurchase.


In fact you will receive an email with the subject: "Cancel shipment - reference number GB2019EBAY - I want to cancel and repurchase". This email is the confirmation that the cancellation and refund of the incorrect label is received.


Packlink support team will check that the label hasn't been used and and will consequently issue a full refund of the unused label, that has been replaced by new one.



?CAN I REQUEST NOT TO CANCEL THE PREVIOUS LABEL If you wish to use the both labels, you can! But make sure to let us know by replying to the cancellation confirmation email with the subject "Cancel shipment - reference number GB2019EBAY - I want to cancel and repurchase" informing us not to cancel it. We will not void the label in this case and you can use both. But remember that in this case we need your confirmation by replying to the email, otherwise after 48 hours the label will cancelled and voided.



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