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Estimated and guarantee delivery

Timeframes and delivery dates displayed on ebay delivery are always Estimated which means that delivery times are just indicative and not binding, therefore you are not entitled to any refund in case the parcel was not delivered on the pre-agreed date.

If you need for your shipment to be delivered on a specific date you will have to purchase a service that indicates that the delivery is guaranteed. When you book a service please check the sign Guaranteed next to the service and you will be entitled to a full refund of cost of the service if your parcel is not delivered by the pre-agreed date.

To claim your refund contact us and we will process the refund using the same payment method used for the purchase, within 10 days from your request.

If the delivery is delayed for reasons not imputable to the carrier and/or Packlink (wrong address, absence during delivery, refusal to accept the parcel, etc.) there will be no refund.


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