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How to request a refund when the shipment is unsuccessful

If the shipment experience did not match your expectations and you wish to request a refund, please contact our Customer Service department explaining what has happened.

Our Customer Support department will review your complaint and determine whether or not you are eligible to request a refund.

eBay Delivery is not a transport company nor does it handle shipments or physically become in contact with the shipment during its transit. Situations and circumstances that fall out of eBay Delivery`s reach such as poor weather, accidents, traffic, among others may arise at any moment. 

Unfortunately, since we cannot intervene in the logistical operations of the carrier, all cases of failures are always reported to them. After reporting to them, carriers are able to resort to all of the necessary measures they are empowered with and ultimately aim to minimise these ocurrences for their users in the future.  

 You will not be eligible for a refund in the following cases:

Please note that eBay Delivery never comes into physical contact with the goods nor do they have the ability to verify the contents of the shipment declared at the time of booking.

Shipments containing Prohibited Items (or any item with similar a description or content) may be cancelled by the carrier without notice and will not be refunded. The payer or sender will then incur in additional charges related to non-deliverable returns, oversized packages and/or handling of the latter. Items included in the Prohibited Items list, as well as those declared as such, travel at the risk and responsibility of the sender. Their acceptance by the transport company does not imply acceptance of liability in the event of damage and/or loss.

When booking a service through eBay Delivery, you confirm that you have thoroughly read the list of Prohibited Items, the general Terms and Conditions and the particular Conditions of Carriage for the courier you have selected. 

Under the Packaging section of our Help Center you will find all of the relative information regarding packaging according to the type of item. These instructions are not optional suggestions, but in fact basic requirements that are taken into account if a problem arises with the shipment.

Your parcel must always travel with its corresponding shipping label securely attached. If the goods are handed to the carrier without our label or with an incorrect label, eBay delivery and the carrier will not be liable in case of loss.

Carriers' transit times are estimated in working days from Monday to Friday. Weekends, non-working days in transit and destination countries, public holidays and national holidays, together with delays caused by customs, the Public Administration or other events beyond our control, weather or logistics, are never included in the estimated delivery times provided in our offers. In addition, if logistical problems occur (accidents, traffic, bad weather, etc.) the delivery date may change.

The delivery time of orders booked for the Islands, and/or other locations listed by individual carriers as remote, are always estimated at a minimum of 48 working hours. The transit times you see online do not always include this surcharge on the estimated transit time depending on the location that could be considered by the couriers as remote or inconvenient area, where they will not deliver daily.


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