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How do I select a service

1. Parcel details:

Before being able to select the shipping service and carrier, you need to complete Step 1 Parcel details section, where you have postal codes of origin and destination and the size/measurements of your parcel.


Postal codes will be automatically taken from your ebay sold item, so you will see them already completed, please double check that they are correct.

You now have to indicate Weight, Length Width and Height. If you have not configured your default parcel settings you will have to enter weight and measurement of your parcel now.

If you don't want to add each time the measures of your parce you can set up default parcel which will save you time in your next shipment:  Default parcel size

2. Service Selection

If you have already added parcel details, you can now select the carrier and service. You can access the service selection by visiting the step 2 Service selection:


If in your ebay listing you have already selected the shipping service then it will be automatically imported in your ebay delivery shipment, otherwise by default the first service available will be assigned to your shipment.


You can always change the carrier and service from the table view, click on "edit" and change it to something of your choice. 



You can also click on "book" and then go back to Service Selection to check the full list of services available: 







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