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Alert message in the tracking status

In the unlikely event that your parcel encounters an issue, the tracking message will display an alert message. 

The alert message will details the type of incident that your parcel has encountered. Disruptions and accidents during transit might depend on external facturas and are not caused directly by Packlink, as Packlink does not handle your shipment.

Logistic incidents might occur during transit: 

  • Accidents
  • Bad weather
  • Traffic
  • Delays with distribution
  • Transportation failures
  • Saturation of vans
  • Union strikes
  • Poor or difficult to access roads

Accidents can be caused by the sender or recipient of the shipment in the following cases:

  • Absence of the sender or recipient
  • Incomplete delivery or delivery address
  • Non-compliant packaging
  • Lack or incorrect positioning of the labels
  • Lack of documents for customs clearance
  • Lack of the correct phone number of the sender or recipient
  • Weight or dimensions declared incongruent
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