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Compensation process in case your parcel is damaged or lost

Note: We only work with the best carriers in the UK, however sometimes inconveniences such as loss or damage to a shipment can happen. In such cases it is important to read this articles that covers everything about ebay delivery compensation.

Every shipment done with eBay Delivery includes a standard compensation. The amount of the standard compensation depends on the type of service purchased. You can make a claim:

  • Of up to £25 for all Hermes services.
  • Of up to £60 for UPS, DPD and DHL service.

Please remember that the packaging or any other extra cost the buyer might have paid is excluded from the compensation.


If during the booking process you selected enhanced compensation with your label then your shipment will be covered up to the sale value of your item, up to a maximum of £1.000.



You can initiate a compensation claim in the following cases:

  • Damage;
  • Partial parcel loss; 
  • Parcel loss. 

All claims must be made with the eBay delivery online claim form within the following terms:

  • Loss: Claims for lost parcels must be made within 28 calendar days from when the parcel was dispatched.
  • DamageClaims for damages must be made within 7 calendar days from when the parcel was delivered.



You cannot claim compensation for the value of the item when:

  • The parcel was collected late and not on the date of the original pick up date.
  • The parcel was delivered not according to the transit time published on the website.

Shipping cost is refunded only in the case the shipment is cancelled and if it has not entered the carrier network.

Please remember that you cannot make a compensation claim and therefore claims will be always rejected in the following cases:

list__1_.png You are sending items included in the Prohibited item list.
list__3_.png You are sending items included in the No compensation items list. 
box__2_.png The package used does not follow our Packaging guidelines.
icon.png Labels are not applied to parcel correctly How to apply the shipping label to the parcel.
calendar.png Claims is made after 28 calendar days from when the parcel was dispatched for loss and after 7 calendar days in case of damages.
list.png You do not provide all the documents requested by customer service.
list__4_.png You make a claim using an email address that does not belong to affected ebay account or you have not made the claim through the ebay delivery online claim form.




To submit a compensation claim contact our customer support.

Remember that a compensation process always involves 2 mandatory steps:

  1. Investigation: Contact our customer service team which will investigate your claim with the carrier. For this we will ask you some questions (description of the parcel, packaging, etc) and we will contact the carrier.
  2.  Online Claim Form: Once the investigation process is complete, we will give you access to the online claim form, to finalize the compensation process.


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