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How long will it take to manage my complaint?

Our customer service team will manage all complaints efficiently and as quick as possible; however, please take into account that response times solely depend on the carrier.
In order to file a claim it is required that only the payer contacts our Customer Support department within the following deadlines mentioned below.  


If you have not purchased enhanced compensation, your shipment will only be insured by standard coverage. In this case, the claim will be managed with the carrier directly and you will have to adhere to  the time frame expected by each transport company.

Replies and resolutions regarding claims depend solely and exclusively on the carrier involved. Packlink and eBay delivery will not be able to in any case expedite  the response time of a carrier.

Generally, complaints are resolved within 90 working days from the date the claim was submitted. 


If you have purchased enhanced compensation for your shipment the claim will be forwarded directly to the insurance company on a biweekly basis (every 15th and 30th of the month). Once the claim has been approved, compensation and payments will be processed within 15 days. 

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