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How long will it take to manage my complaint?

Our customer service team will manage all complaints as quickly as possible, however please bear in mind that the timing depends from the carrier.
Please also note that only those who have paid for the shipment can open a claim file within the following time limits.


If you have not added enhanced compensation then your shipment will only have a standard coverage, therefore the claim will be managed with the carrier directly and you will have to stick to the timing expected by each transport company.

The timing of feedback and resolution depends solely and exclusively on the carrier involved. Packlink and eBay delivery will not be able to intervene in any case on the response time of a carrier.

Generally complaints are resolved within 90 working days from the date of the claim submission.



If you have added enhanced compensation to your shipment then:

  • All claims are sent to the insurance company twice a month on the 15 and 30 of each month.
  • Compensation and payment are processed within 15 days from the day of acceptance of your claim on our side.
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