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How can I obtain the credit note for my cancelled shipment

If you have received a refund for the cancellation of a shipment you can download the relevant invoice correction (also known as credit note) from your billing and invoicing section.

You can check your invoices and credit notes from the Payment and Billing section. To access your invoices and credit note please visit your "buy labels in bulk" that can be found within the "buy labels in bulk" functionality of your ebay delivery account:


From the ''Settings'' menu, in the section ''Payment and Invoicing" go to "My Invoices'' where you can view your credit notes. You can also access directly the invoices section by clicking this link: 

If you have deferred payment and requested the cancellation of a service, the refund may will be reflected as follow:

  • in the same billing cycle with the reversal of the amount before the invoice is closed
    after the end of the billing cycle by creating a credit note.
  • If the refund is made before the invoice closes, the shipment will not be charged to the invoice.



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