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How to set up deferred payment

mceclip3.png Deferred payment by credit card or Paypal:

If you do not want to pay for each individual label and be billed at a later stage you can set up deferred payment. Currently only deferred payment by credit card or paypal is supported, direct debit is not supported.

Once you activate  deferred payment you will then receive a single invoice for all shipments made every 15 days. Currently our billing cycle is every 2 weeks: on 15/16 and 30/31.

To set up deferred payment please visit the "Settings" section that can be found within the "buy labels in bulk" functionality of your ebay delivery account:


Then click on "Billing and Invoices" please complete first  the sections "My payment info" to select one the payment methods such as credit card or paypal.


Then add the "My invoicing address" to save your billing address and to select to who you want the invoice to be addressed:



The payment information will be saved and the deferred payment will be activated automatically. This way you do not have to specify the payment information each time you make a shipment.


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