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Do I receive an invoice after having paid my shipment with eBay Delivery

From the ''Settings'' menu, in the section ''Payment and Invoicing" go to My Invoices'' where you can view, manage and download invoices or credit notes. You can also access directly the invoices section by clicking this link: 


With eBay delivery there are 4 types of payments, 2 that are pay as you go where you will be able to download immediately the invoice after the payment such as:

  • CREDIT CARD PAY AS YOU GO - Paying directly for your shipment with credit card
  • PAYPAL PAY AS YOU GO -Paying directly for your shipment with PayPal

And you can also pay with a deferred payment which is suggested for users that ship regularly. Customers with deferred payment receive an invoice every 15 days and you can download the invoice after the day 15th or 30th of each month:

  • CREDIT CARD DEFERRED - Deferred payment with credit card 
  • PAYPAL DEFERRED -Deferred payment with PayPal



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