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How do I use the label? Do I need a printer?

All services available on eBay Delivery require a printer which means that you need to always print the PDF and attach it to the parcel.

No printer? No problem! With hermes you can select an additional service called print-in-store, it will allow you to visit any Hermes Parcelshop nearby and print the postage label in the shop. For more information click here: Hermes print in store service

Each carrier has its own label that contains all the information about your shipment. When your print the label please remember that:

  • To always hand over the parcel with the postage label firmly attached to it.
  • If you have your parcel collected without the label, eBay Delivery will not be responsible in case of loss.
  • It is your responsibility to check that the information on the label are correct, before the parcel is collected or deposited in a drop off point.
Tip:  we recommend that you always print three copies of the label and use them as follows:  apply one copy on the parcel with adhesive tape; have a second copy signed by the messenger and keep it as proof of collection; hand over a third copy to the messenger if requested. For a complete peace of mind you can also insert a fourth copy inside the package so that your package is always identifiable in case of incorrect delivery or routing error by the transport company.

To download the label log onto your ebay account and go to the Sold page. Click on "Print postage label" that should be next to any sold item waiting for dispatch and you'll be taken to eBay delivery.


After you pay for the shipment you will be taken to the post sale page from where you can download the pdf that you need to dispatch your parcel. 


Remember to print the labels before the messenger comes for the collection. If you verify that the information on the document is incorrect, you can contact our Customer Service using the form at the bottom of this page, indicating the Packlink reference number (GB2019EBAY000+ 7 digits).
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