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Shipment statuses description

When you make a shipment with ebay delivery, you will see the following statuses, depending on the processing state in which it is located:

Only the last step to complete the shipment is missing. Simply fill in all the required information and check if it is necessary to modify it before definitively confirming the order. If your order has not been completed, you will always find it in draft form when you next log in. If an order is in draft form you can change the weight and / or size, the courier and / or service. Please note that when orders are imported, the system automatically selects the weight, the size, the courier and the service. If these data are not correct you can change them if the order is in draft. When in order is in draft will be marked by two additional states: Missing Info: There is a lack of important information to complete the order, enter the details of the shipment and fill in the missing fields to proceed with the payment. 
We have received your shipping request and your order is being prepared, just wait a few moments for the final confirmation. When your order is ready you can download and print the waybill to attach to the package. In the scroll bar you will see this message: ''Your shipment is in progress. Soon it will be ready for collection and you can print out the labels to attach to the parcels.

Your shipment is ready to be picked up. All you have to do is print the labels and apply them correctly with adhesive tape to the package. Remember not to cover the barcode on the waybill, otherwise the courier will not be able to correctly scan it and follow the transit. If you have booked a service in Drop Off remember that the collection will not take place at your home or company but you will have to go to the warehouse of the courier to bring the goods. The address of the warehouse is indicated at the time of booking. In the Ready to Ship status you can: print / save the labels, modify or cancel your order by contacting Customer Service. 


Your shipment has been collected and is traveling between the various depots of the courier to be delivered to the recipient. To verify how to monitor the tracking of your shipment we send you to consult the following article: How to monitor the transit of your shipment It is always preferable to track directly from the web of the courier with whom you have confirmed the shipment. If you need more information you can contact our Customer Service by clicking on Assistance. In the status In transit you can: print / send the waybill, follow the status of the shipment.

The shipment has been delivered to the consignee. Please note that if the courier does not find the recipient, he can deliver the package to a neighbor or you can retrieve it in one of the deposits of the courier. If the consignee indicates that he has not received the goods, you can request proof of delivery (POD) from Customer Service by paying the surcharge required for this service. In the delivered state you can: print / send the waybill, track the shipment.

If you would like to have some unfinished shipments deleted from the main bulletin board, you can archive them. Only orders that are in the following states can be archived: draft, delivered. For more information about the archiving functionality of an order you can consult this help article: Archiving Shipments We inform you that: Shipments in drafts that have been archived can be reworked and completed. Delivered shipments that are archived can be viewed again if you need to track them.

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