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External packaging

The following rules must be followed in order to ensure that the outer packaging is properly manufactured:

Use a corrugated cardboard box. Choose a sturdy and durable cardboard. The box must be new and must not have been used before. It is important that there are no previously applied writings and/or labels.

Choose the right size of the box depending on what you send. Semi-empty packages can be bent and damaged more easily, overfilled packages can break.  Double-thick corrugated board is suitable for heavier loads.

Uses strong, high-quality adhesive tape to seal the box. The tape must be at least 50 mm wide. For grooved containers in which the outer wings close in the middle, it is recommended to put adhesive tape on both the top and bottom of the box.

 Place plastic or cardboard protectors on the outer edges of the box to distribute the pressure evenly and prevent damage to the cardboard.

  The outer labels that indicate the direction of the goods (HIGH - LOW) or the type of item contained (FRAGILE) are only used to give instructions to the carrier who handles the shipment and are not taken into account to assess whether or not the packaging is correct.




The goods must be properly packed in a box. If you decide to send the goods in plastic bags or bubble wrap, no claims will be accepted in case of transport problems.



With ebay delivery you can also ship luggage and suitcases, but please note that they must always be packed in a box. Any damage (scratches, tears, broken handles or wheels, etc.) are not covered by the insurance as the suitcase is considered as the wrapping of the contents.



In the case of non-linear packages (e.g. irregularly shaped tubes or packages), additional charges may be charged by the couriers. You will need to contact customer service in advance.


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