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eBay Delivery's cancellation policy

If you wish to cancel your shipment with eBay Delivery, we will refund the full amount paid for the shipment within 48 working hours from your request, provided that the request is made before the collection of the parcel takes place.

  1. Packlink will refund the full amount paid within 48 working hours from your request, provided that the customer requests explicit cancellation only from the email address used to purchase the shipment and by using the Help Center Contact Form. When a shipment is cancelled eBay Delivery will not be responsible for any loss of profit,  reputation, clientele,  and opportunities.
  2. You have 15 days from the collection date to request the cancellation of a shipment, therefore eBay Delivery will not refund the amount paid if you request the cancellation after 15 days from the collection date. However, the customer will have the opportunity to ship the goods after the confirmed collection date, provided that the data of the service are not altered in any way (sender, recipient, weight, volume, mark, etc.).
  3. eBay Delivery reserves the right to cancel any shipment in case of violation of the Terms and Conditions.

🕘 HOW MUCH TIME I HAVE TO CANCEL A SHIPMENT?  If the shipment has not been collected or you decide not to send the goods anymore, it is possible to request full refund only within the 15 calendar days following the date of the collection of the parcel.

⚠️ DO NOT HAVE YOUR PARCEL COLLECTED OR DROPPED OFF AFTER CANCELLATION: After confirmation of cancellation by our customer service, eBay delivery will not be held responsible in any way for any missing items and / or requests for compensation. Furthermore, no assistance can be given for the order in question after our cancellation confirmation. For services that provide home collection, please note that transport companies can manage cancellations up to 48 hours. For this reason, the carrier may also show up at the pick-up address. Should the messenger show up for collection, the goods must not be handed to the messenger, as we will no longer have any information on the transit of the shipment after the removal of the order in the system. Any additional costs related to inventory or returns for non-deliverable goods, as well as any other administrative expenses that may arise will be charged to you within 60 days.

🔸️WHEN THE REFUND WILL BE ISSUED? eBay Delivery will issue the refund within 48 working hours from your request. If you hand over the shipment after the refund request, you might be charged any additional costs related to the goods sent after cancellation.

🔹️HOW WILL I RECEIVE THE REFUND? The refund will always be made with the same payment method used pay the shipment. Depending on the method used to pay for the shipment, refunds are made in timelines described below.


The timing of refund is generally 3 to 7 working days from the date the refund was issued, the timing.  In case of doubt you will need to contact your bank entity directly as the timing of re-credit and credit on the statement are not our responsibility.


We will refund the shipment directly to your Paypal account. The refund of the transaction takes place immediately. If you have opened a dispute on Paypal the refund will be delayed as it will be necessary to manage the dispute via Paypal directly. We advise you not to initiate disputes on Paypal for this reason, avoiding unnecessary delays and the related extra costs that will be charged to you by the payment platform for the management of the dispute. Packlink will reimburse you the amount paid without any inconvenience if you have not been able to use the service and it is in our interest that you can receive the credit as soon as possible!

➡️ DEFERRED PAYMENT - bi-weekly invoice 

OPEN BILLING PERIOD: The amount of the shipment you canceled will not be charged to your bi-weekly summary invoice depending on your account settings.

CLOSED BILLING PERIOD: If the request for cancellation or refund has occurred after the current billing cycle has been closed, you will be issued a credit note refund. In this case you will receive the amount reversed in one of the following ways:

a) CREDIT CARD DEFERRED - Deferred Credit Card: refund on credit card.

b) PAYPAL DEFERRED - Deferred Paypal: Refund on your Paypal account.

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