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I can't find a postal code what can I do?

If you can't find a particular postcode in the search please take into account the following options:

1. Type the postal code with no spaces: Check that the postal code has spaces in between:


2. No pick up or deliveries in the specific area: Check that our carriers service the area of your interest, please contact our support team and provide the complete address of street, number and location. 

3. Islands: if you are shipping to islands please select United Kingdom - and the Island you wish to ship to in the dropdown menu.


  4. If you wish to contact us to verify a postcode, please provide the following information:

  • postal code and origin address
  • complete destination address (street, street number, postal code and location)
  • number of parcels
  • weight in kg and size of each package (length x Width x Height)
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