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Send Dishes, Crockery and Glasses with eBay Delivery

If you need to ship dishes and glasses, you will need to pay close attention to the packaging.

Since it is a fragile product with different and irregular shapes, it is important to opt for suitable packaging.

Following the advice we list below you will avoid damage and delays during transport:

  1. Pack the items individually so that each product is adequately protected. You can use plastic foam sheets, made of polystyrene or polyethylene. They are very useful as they adapt to the shape of objects.
  2. Be careful to cover the objects completely, without leaving corners or protrusions uncovered.
  3. Once the items have been individually packed, put them in a box so that they are separated from each other and do not touch the corners of the case.
  4. Remember that objects should be wrapped with at least 5.08 cm of plastic foam and should remain at the same time 5.08 cm away from the walls of the box. This prevents damage caused by shocks or vibrations during transit. The ideal is to make sure that the goods inside do not move when the box is shook.
  5. You can also use a double box to ship the goods: choose two new boxes, one larger than the other. When you have inserted the items in the first case, you can insert it into a second box previously covered in the bottom and sides with moldable foam or polystyrene.
  6. Seal the sides of the box using strong adhesive tape.
  7. Place the shipping label on the outer box.

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