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Send Electronics with eBay Delivery

If you want to send electronic items with the shipping platform you will need to pay special attention to the packaging, as it is a delicate product, we advise you to follow these tips:

  • If you have the original packaging of the manufacturer of the goods, we advise you to insert it in a box with protective material inside. The original box is often used to make a single delivery, remember that reusing a packaging could alter the contents of the shipment.
  • To avoid damage to the goods during transport, we recommend that you protect it using, for example, foam rubber.
  • Make sure that the items contained in the package are never in direct contact with the edges of the box: the vibrations and shocks that occur during transport could damage the goods.
  • Avoid using polystyrene which could cause static electricity and damage electronic products.

We inform you that the shipment of lithium batteries, contained for example in mobile phones or laptops, is not allowed with the ebay shipping platform service as dangerous goods are cataloged if transported with standard packaging services. Battery acid can spill with the risk of damaging the goods of other customers.

The couriers are able to manage various categories of dangerous goods within their network, in accordance with the IATA Regulations for air transport and the ADR Code for road transport. However, to use this service it is necessary to activate a customer code and sign a specific contract, not provided with the standard sending services offered by the shipping platform. Batteries can be shipped on an international scale by strictly adhering to certain conditions with other sending services and by presenting technical sheets (see facsimile attached).

These IATA / ADR conditions may vary depending on the mode of transport and the country of destination. In general the following rules apply:

  • Lithium batteries or batteries built into devices must not move or be completely discharged during transport and must be packed securely.
  • The percentage of lithium cannot exceed 1 gram / 20Wh per lithium battery or 2 grams / 100Wh per lithium battery
  • There should be no risk of overheating or short circuiting the batteries.
  • Batteries may not be used, deteriorated or defective.

On the IATA official website you can find all the information on the transport of batteries.




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