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Send Tires and Wheels with eBay Delivery

With the shipping platform it is possible to ship tires and vehicle tires within the UK.

You can make your shipment using the following packaging methods: Boxes and crates.

How to correctly pack a shipment containing tires

Remember that you have to be careful and pack the goods correctly, making sure that it is never in direct contact with the packaging. In this way you will prevent the goods from being damaged during transit.

How the collection of a tire takes place

We remind you that you will have to apply the label outside the box. We advise you to ensure that the goods are in an area that can be easily reached by the driver.

How to get a quota for shipping a tire with the shipping platform 

To calculate the shipping estimate you will always have to consider the weight and dimensions of the goods already packed. It is important to always indicate the correct weight and dimensions of the shipment.

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