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What is the Adult Signature Service?

Adding this feature to your delivery service means that the messenger will require an adult recipient's signature at the moment of the delivery. The confirmation of adult signature will then be available on the tracking web page.

This service is available only when you choose UPS.

To add adult signature to your shipment select “Require Adult signature” under additional services. The cost of this add-on is £2.50.


With adult signature, UPS will attend the address displayed on the delivery label and will ask to see ID to prove the buyer is over the age of 18. If the carrier is satisfied that the recipient has produced a valid form of ID then they will obtain a signature from them. If the recipient is under the age of 18 or cannot provide proof of age when asked by the courier, then the parcel will not be delivered. It will be sent back to a depot and the sender will be contacted via email by ebay delivery.

Usually, an age verification service is required for restricted items that cannot be sold to an individual under the age of 18, for example alcohol or vaping products.  

This service can also be used at the sender’s discretion for other items such as 18 rated films or games, or adult products. You may also wish to use the adult signature service to ensure that deliveries enter the right hands and ensure good customer service.

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