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Additional charges

You might incur charges that are additional to delivery costs if you do something which doesn’t comply with the terms and conditions. Please see the table below for details:  


Icon_2x.png Exceeds weight or dimensions for selected price band           

If after the parcel is dispatched your parcel is found to be heavier than the weight you paid for

  • Cause: The Parcel is heavier or larger than declared. More information here.
  • Amount: An additional charge to cover the full costs of the shipment depending on the weight and dimension discrepancy varying between a minimum of £2.50 up to a maximum of £40, depending on the carrier.


Icon_2x.png Large parcels         

Parcel outside of our maximum accepted dimensions / weight.

  • Cause: The Parcel is larger than the measurements and weight allowed by the carrier, more information here: Parcel sizes
  • Amount: Varying between a minimum of £7.80 up to a maximum of £40, depending on the carrier.


Icon_2x.pngReturn to sender / undeliverable charge

In case your parcel cannot be delivered the cost for returning your parcel to the sender

  • Cause: In case the parcel cannot be delivered due to circumstances that are not imputable to the carrier such as  1) an incomplete address 2) as a results of not using the correct label 3) if the label was not securely attached to the parcel 3) the recipient rejects the shipment or it is absent. 
  • Amount: You will be charged the cost for returning the parcel to the sender.


Icon_2x.png Disposal charge

In case the parcel cannot be delivered and no instructions were provided to return the parcel to the sender

  • Cause: In case the carrier needs to dispose the parcel:
    • If a carrier discovers that you are trying to send items on our Prohibited Items list and the carrier disposes of the parcel;
    • If your parcel is inadequately packaged and as a result becomes loose or dangerous to others during transit and needs repackaging by the carrier;
    • If storage costs are incurred while waiting for instructions from you on how to handle a failed delivery,
  • Amount: you will be charged the cost as advised by the carrier.


Icon_2x.png Request a cancellation of used label         

Request a cancellation of a label to customer service and then label appears as dispatched.

  • Cause: If you request a cancellation of a label which was then refunded by customer service but then you finally decide to dispatch the item.
  • Amount: You will be charged again the full amount of the original cost plus a admin fee of £2.50.

Icon_2x.png Incorrect service ordered 

In case you use a service different from the one you have purchased 

  • Cause: You book a drop-off service but then give the parcel to a courier, e.g. if they are collecting / delivering other parcels to / from you.
  • Amount: You will be charged the difference between rate you should have paid for the service you used and the rate you did pay for the service you booked.


Icon_2x.pngAdditional packaging required 

In case your shipment requires additional packaging

  • Cause: Packaging does not meet the carriers stated standards (e.g. parcel was not fully encased in cardboard).
  • Amount: You will be charged the cost as advised by the carrier with a minimum of £4.20.
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