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Register my account as business and VAT 0% on my invoices

If you are a business account and your company has a VAT number that is VIES valid, then 0% VAT will be applied to your orders done with eBay Delivery powered by Packlink. Verify the validity of your VAT number from the EU VIES: 

To set up your eBay Delivery account as business go to bulk shipping > settings > billing or click this link below:
  1. Change the account to Business
  2. Add your company name
  3. Add the company VAT number
  4. Save invoice settings


If the company VAT number comes as valid, for all your future invoices the reverse charge mechanism will be applied. Therefore your invoices will have 0% VAT. Remember that changes are not retroactive and can only be applied to future invoices. For more information about the reverse charge mechanism click here:
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