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Getting started with bulk shipping

With bulk shipping you can bulk pay (paying for multiple labels at the same time) and bulk print (printing multiple labels at the same time in one single document).

To get started with bulk shipping go to your pending shipments by clicking on this link:


  • Set up "Default Parcel":

Normally your parcel size will come from your eBay sold item. If sizes are not provided and if it is the first time you use bulk shipping, you have to set up your default parcel size.  By setting default parcel size, you don't have to specify the size of your parcel each time.

Go to and save your most common parcel size and dimensions (you can save up to 16 types). You can name them (for example Small, Medium, Large). If you have created more than one, select the one you wish to be your default parcel size, it well become green, that is your default parcel.



Once you save your default parcel every new shipment imported from eBay, will have the default parcel size. If you have just set up your default parcel, remember that it will be applied only to future imports, for existing imported shipments, from the list view you can assign the parcel size as follows:



  • Difference between shipments in DRAFT and READY TO PURCHASE

If the shipment is in DRAFT status it means that there is some missing information about the shipment and it can be related to 2 things (remember that if the shipment is in DRAFT status you cannot perform bulk actions, until the shipment is in READY TO PURCHASE):

1) you have not specified the parcel measurements and weight, in which case click on parcel size from the list view and change it:


2) the postal code of origin and destination might be not available in the platform, check that by clicking on Complete then check the postal  code:



Only once you complete the details the shipment will be in the READY TO PURCHASE status which will allow you to perform the bulk actions. If you shipment is not in this status you cannot perform bulk actions:



  • How to find the sold eBay item that you wish to pay the label for  

From the list view you can identify your sold item from the buyer name, postal code of the buyer and ebay item number. Currently we don't display a picture or the name of the sold item.



  • How to bulk pay 

Once you have identified the shipments and have completed them you can bulk pay for multiple labels at the same time. You need to make sure that the shipments are in READY TO PURCHASE STATUS and you are in the PENDING shipments tab, if you are in ALL tab you won't be able to perform bulk actions:

Select multiple shipments at the same time (in the example I have selected 3) and finally click on button COMPLETE:


Once you have selected the shipment you wish to pay all together click on proceed and add your payment method. For more information about payment methods: How can I pay for my shipments with eBay Delivery


  • How to bulk print 

Once you have your shipments paid for the status of the shipments will be READY FOR SHIPPING, which means that labels are available for printing. Select multiple shipments and then click on get labels:


Finally label will be downloaded on your computer in one single file ready for printing:




  • Changing the carrier selection

The cheapest carrier available will be your default one but you can change it from the list view. You can change carrier details from the list view as follows:


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