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Delivery into a safe place

If you have booked your parcel with Hermes, then for any deliveries where the Hermes messenger has been unable to gain a signature, they can leave the parcel into a safe place and take a photograph with their hand terminal to show it in the location.

In this case a picture of the safe location will be available to you upon request to our customers service. If your parcel has been delivered into a safe place the tracking will tell say "Secure Delivery Outbuilding" and a picture can be obtained by contacting our customer service or through  the  carrier tracking.

A parcel can also be pushed into the letterbox. However we require Hermes messengers to take photos of letterbox deliveries before the parcel is posted through the letterbox. To be compliant the photo needs to demonstrate that the parcel can be pushed through the letter box, as it cannot be left on the doorstep. In fact to be delivered through the letterbox the photo is taken and then the parcel will be pushed through the letterbox

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