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Dangerous goods and hazardous materials - UPS


When shipping a parcel with UPS make sure you do not reuse existing packaging that has dangerous or hazardous material signs, as doing so will cause your parcel to be held by UPS.
The terms dangerous goods and hazardous materials have the same meaning. When unapproved dangerous goods consignments are found in the UPS network the parcel will be held and an actions needs to be taken by the shipper.


If you use packaging that has dangerous goods and hazardous materials an incident report need to be raised with UPS, that will delay the delivery of your parcel.

A dangerous goods incident occurs when there is an unintentional release of dangerous goods from either a declared or undeclared package containing dangerous goods.  When this occurs UPS will help the package.


A dangerous goods discrepancy occurs when a package is not in compliance with UPS policies.
- undeclared dangerous goods found during customs or UPS  inspections;
- approved dangerous goods packages found to be incorrectly marked, labelled or packed, or with incorrect documentation, after formal UPS acceptance,
- dangerous goods labelled or marked packages containing unapproved dangerous goods or non-dangerous substances; and
- dangerous goods found through documentation checks.


In all cases the shipper will need to be contacted for his comments. In the case of undeclared shipments he will need to be told that we cannot accept such shipments and that he is breach of international law and UPS terms and conditions. He may need to be reminded not to use old cartons with hazard diamond labels, or to remove other inappropriate markings.
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