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Sending liquid or solid food with eBay Delivery

If your shipment contains food you will need to make sure it is not perishable. We remind you that food is part of the Prohibited Articles, therefore, if you decide to send food, the insurance will not be able to intervene in case of problems with the transport.


The term perishable food means any food that needs thermal conditioning for its preservation. The service we offer on the ebay shipping platform do not provide temperature-controlled services, for this reason it is not allowed to send food that may arrive damaged.

Foods considered perishable are, for example:

  • All dairy products (drinking milk, pasteurized, butter, cheese)
  • Frozen meats
  • Fresh meat or cold cuts
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Homemade or fresh pasta
  • Seafood products
  • eggs



In order for the courier to take delivery without any inconvenience, the goods must be declared in a generic way as "non-perishable foods".

Below are some examples of shelf foods that can be sent with Packlink, even if they are not covered by basic or complementary insurance:

  • Rice, pasta
  • Dried vegetables
  • Coffee, flour, sugar, salt


It is not possible to send food:

  • To National UK shipments or European destinations if the goods need to be transported at a controlled temperature. The sending solutions offered by our site do not provide temperature-controlled services, for this reason it is not allowed to send food that may arrive damaged.
  • To non-European international destinations and / or with customs clearance. From the Institutions a series of specific import documentation is required, such as Technical Data Sheets of Origin and Product, FDA Code in the case of the USA, or other type of documentation in compliance with the current legislation against Bioterrorism.
  • In Norway, it is not permitted to send solid or liquid feed with standard packaging services for customs bureaucracies.
  • In Filandia and Sweden it is not allowed to import alcohol even at a low alcohol content, including wine.


In order to ensure that the customer is aware of the criteria and limitations for the transport of food with DHL, it is mandatory to sign a special letter of indemnity Food to be delivered to the courier / reception at the time of the delivery of the shipment. This letter is required for all shipments containing foodstuffs, regardless of destination.

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