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Sending bicycles with eBay Delivery

If you ship bikes with the shipping platform, packaging is of a paramount importance: 

  1. Pedals, wheels, saddle and handlebar are the parts that must be unscrewed and packed separately. Remember to insert screws and bolts in a plastic bag that you will need to attach with tape to the component of the bicycle to which they belong to make the assembly easier once the bike has arrived at its destination.
  2. Pack the individual parts of the bike, wrapping them in bubble wrap until you feel they are completely protected.
  3. Use a cardboard box, preferably with a double wave by placing a polystyrene sheet of at least 5 centimeters on the four sides that will serve as protection for transport.
  4. Make sure that the ends of the components do not touch each other and that there are no gaps that could cause them to move during transport. In this operation you can help yourself with molded foam rubber or polystyrene chips.
  5. Remember to apply the carrier label outside the box.

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