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Proof of Delivery

If the shipment tracking indicates that the goods have been delivered, but the recipient claims not to have received the goods, you, the sender, can request proof of delivery signed by the recipient.

Standard services do not guarantee delivery to a specific recipient and the carrier has the obligation to deliver the goods to the address indicated on the shipping label, but they do not have the obligation to deliver them to a specific person.

The goods can be delivered to the building's concierge / secretary's office or to a neighbor to avoid storage costs. The good can be also delivered into a safe place location: Delivery into a safe place


Signature required: If you wish to have your parcel signed by the recipient, you can select “Proof of delivery/POD” with your label and your parcel will be delivered only upon signature from the recipient. The cost for requesting the proof of delivery is £0.80 and it is only available with Hermes. Please note that proof of delivery is not specific to household and the messenger can obtain a signature from the neighbors also.



Adult Signature In case you need an age verification or you require an adult signature as a proof of delivery you might request our "Adult signature" add-on available only through UPS services. More information is available here: Adult signature with UPS mceclip0.png


Please note: You can request the POD (proof of delivery) and adult signature before purchasing the label, if you have not selected them the parcel might be delivered into a safe place. If the parcel is dispatched without a POD and you later require one, this will be on a best endeavor basis but we don't guarantee that it will be possible.

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