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Everything you need to know about DHL parcel, also known as UKMail. Click on the relevant category and expand the content:

  • Estimated transit time from Monday to Friday, excluding national or local holidays.
  • Collection from 9 am to 6 pm at home, not on the floor.
  • The shipment must be left open to allow verification of its contents at the time of collection.
    Delivery throughout the day.
  • Collection and delivery dates are subject to change.
  • The transit indicated does not include an extra 48-96 hours to/from the islands and remote areas.
  • Maximum Weight: 15 kg. Maximum Dimensions: 60x60x60cm.
  • POD available upon request, please check How to request a POD (Proof of Delivery)
  • Track shipments directly from the web of the courier with label shipping number.
  • Customer service Packlink available from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18, excluding holidays.


DHL Domestic Express

  • Road service.
  • Maximum Weight: 15 kg. Maximum Dimensions: 60x60x60cm


When you purchase a DHL label, it will look like the image below. Please print at least 3 copies of the shipping label and use it as follows:

  • 1st COPY - PRINT AND ATTACH IT TO THE PARCEL: Apply the first copy to the package with adhesive tape, so that it is clearly visible.
  • 2nd COPY - FOR THE CARRIER: Deliver the 2nd copy of the shipping document to the delivery man if requested. If you wish, you can insert an additional copy of the shipping document inside the package so that your package is always identifiable in case of incorrect delivery or routing error by the transport company.
  • 3rd COPY - FOR THE SENDER: Have the courier who collects the shipment sign the 3rd copy and keep it as proof of collection until delivery of the shipment.




  • Pickup hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Delivery throughout the day.
  • At the time of quote you will see the first date available for collection of the shipment depending on the transport company. However, when ordering you can select from the calendar an alternative date on which you want to pick up.
  • The pickup time slot is shown to you when you place your order, when you select the pickup date. If you wish to indicate the closing times of the business, we will notify the courier, but we cannot guarantee that the deliveryman will not make the changeover to the suspension or absence times that you have indicated.
  • The courier is not required to call before the passage. Leave a post-it on the intercom for the delivery man, if the name indicated in the order is not present or does not coincide with that on the bell or the intercom is temporarily defective.
  • Pickup and delivery services are provided from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. If the collection date chosen corresponds to a public holiday at the place of collection, the collection will take place on the next working day.
  • If you do not wish to wait for the pick up at home, the sender of the shipment must contact the DHL Service Point nearest to your home in advance if they can accept the drop off order with the DHL Packlink label. Parcels to be delivered to a DHL Service Point must not exceed 15 kg in weight, and the longest side must not exceed 60 cm. Not all of these courier centers allow these two types of services to be dropped off. See acceptance points from this link
  • Unsuccessful deliveries will be held at a depot for 5 days before being disposed of by the carrier.


  • Tracking is available through the carrier webpage at this link by using the CONSIGNMENT NUMBER  as shown on the label:




The transit of the service is only estimated and not guaranteed, as specified at the time of quote:

DHL National Domestic from 24 working hours estimated

  • Collection and delivery dates are subject to change.
  • Delivery times for estimated transit services are indicative and non-binding, estimated in working days from Monday to Friday, from the date of receipt of the shipment.
  • The indicated transit does not include an extra 48-96 hours to/from the islands, Calabria, remote areas.
  • Weekends, non-working days in transit and destination countries, public holidays and national holidays, together with delays caused by customs, the Public Administration or other events beyond our control, weather or logistics, are never included in the estimate of delivery times provided in our offers. We inform you that if there are logistical problems (delays with distribution, accidents, traffic, bad weather, strikes, etc..) the date of delivery may change.


  • For more information about maximum weight and dimensions: Maximum size and weight
  • Food: only solid and non-perishable liquid foodstuffs that are properly packaged and packaged in plastic containers are accepted, with the exception of those that can be transported and/or stored at a controlled temperature.
  • Specific reserve of damage: In the unlikely event that you your parcel get damaged, the receiver must let the driver know and request to sign the delivery note with reserve that the state of the goods and their packaging (e.g. damaged), as there is no value in the affixing of generic reserves (e.g. reserve of control).
  • As part of its efforts to promote a culture of security, DHL Global was the first logistics provider to set up a Security Department within DHL and the first to obtain Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certification. 




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